Virus Bulletin 100% Award

Virus Bulletin 100% is awarded by the British professional magazine, which is widely acknowledged in the security technology industry. Those virus protection solutions are entitled to receive the Virus Bulletin 100% Award that detect all viruses spreading in the wild (during both on-demand and on-access scanning) and doesn't generate any false positives when scanning a set of clean files. The test focuses on the scanning speed as well.



The independent Hungarian organization examines in its monthly test, if the anti-virus solution is able to detect the mostly prevailing viruses of the given month. The Standard Level certification is awarded to those solutions that detect all samples of viruses; solutions which receive the Advanced Level are also able to remove the virus while setting back the original state. The Mailscanner certification receive those products that dispose of the ability to examine email messages therefore are able to hinder to receive and send viruses.



ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Detection

The growth of malicious programs has steadily increased from an annoyance to a major security threat to all communities of Internet users and businesses. ICSA Labs helps anti-virus product developers address these threats with our Product Certification programs.


Checkmark Anti-Trojan certification - VirusBuster Professional

The Checkmark provides a clear and unambiguous indication of attainment of a relevant standard for users of computer security solutions. The Checkmark consists of a standard, a test and a certificate. The standard is a real-world, industry accepted test. The test may be carried out by West Coast Labs or by an accredited tester. The certificate is awarded by West Coast Labs.